Saturday, September 30, 2023


Denon unveils its first flagship premium direct-drive turntable

Denon's new premium turntable comes with a beautiful design.

General Atomics, DARPA to begin flight testing LongShot missile-firing drone

Flight testing will validate digital designs that have been refined throughout the course of the project.

U.S. Air Force receives first EC-37B Compass Call electronic warfare aircraft 

Delivering critical EW capability to keep the U.S. at the vanguard for defense and deterrence.

DEEP plans to build a deep-sea underwater habitat

Enabling a permanent human presence under the oceans from 2027.

Amazon supports world’s largest deployment of direct air capture tech

Amazon makes its first investments in DAC technology in the fight against climate change.

LS-600WA turntable boasts the latest technology in a classic design

With the Lenco LS-600, you have everything you need to relive the warm sound of your favorite records.

Coco-Cola creates first-ever drink using AI technology

The first-ever soda drink created by AI is here!

Active control of wind turbine speed can help reduce bird mortality

New technology can help to reduce the number of fatal bird collisions by up to 80%.

B-21 Raider nuclear stealth bomber continues progression to flight test

The bomber continues to progress in ground testing with the commencement of engine runs.

U.S. Army fast-tracks Abrams Main Battle Tank modernization

It will focus on making the capability improvements needed to fight.

BASF and partners to produce lithium-ion batteries with recycled metals

The approach can reduce the CO2 impact of batteries by about 25%

DOD-funded project to develop a morphing hypersonic engine

Hypersonic propulsion has applications in commercial and space travel.

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