Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Vast’s Haven-1 space station to launch with SpaceX Starlink

It’s impressive to see how much Elon Musk’s companies have accomplished in their respective fields. From electric cars to reusable space rockets and even revolutionizing internet access through the Starlink satellite constellation, it’s clear that they have made significant strides in advancing technology.

Starlink, in particular, has grown exponentially since its launch in 2019 and is now available in over 70 countries, providing internet access to millions of subscribers through thousands of satellites in space.

Starlink, a cutting-edge technology developed by SpaceX, has found its way into different sectors. Even the U.S. military and warring parties in Ukraine have started using it for their respective purposes. Starlink technologies will soon be leveraged to power the systems and hardware of a commercial space station, including external cameras and instruments.

In 2025, a space startup called Vast is planning to launch Haven-1, a single-module space station that will be the world’s first commercial space station. The station will have the capacity to accommodate a crew of four, along with essential supplies and instruments necessary for their survival in space.

Vast announced this week the Haven-1, scheduled to be the world’s first commercial space station, will be equipped with SpaceX’s Starlink laser terminal providing Gigabit/s speed, low latency connectivity to its crew users, internal payload racks, external cameras, and instruments.

“If you need to provide high-speed, low-latency, continuous internet connectivity on a space station in orbit in 2025, SpaceX Starlink is the only option,” said Max Haot, Vast’s CEO. “We expect their network and technology leading position to continue and accelerate over time, which is why we are excited to have the chance to partner with SpaceX on deploying their first laser connectivity for a space station.”

The Haven-1 crew will have access to an amazing level of internet connectivity through the Starlink network. They will be able to connect their personal devices via Wi-Fi and enjoy full, high-speed internet access in orbit. This will be extremely helpful for hosting outreach video calls, conducting experiments and science, and even during crew rest time.

The high-speed, low-latency connectivity is essential for a successful space station experience, according to Stephanie Bednarek, SpaceX’s Senior Director of Commercial Sales. Vast’s Haven-1 is excited to be the first commercial space station to stay connected with Starlink.

Vast and SpaceX have agreed to provide Starlink connectivity to future Vast platforms beyond Haven 1, including connectivity for Vast’s next space station, which the company plans to bid for in NASA’s upcoming commercial Low-Earth Orbit destinations (CLDs) competition. This partnership will help to create greater accessibility to space and more opportunities for exploration on the road to making humanity multi-planetary.