Saturday, September 30, 2023


Huawei debuts Nearlink, a faster, more efficient wireless technology

Nearlink takes about 60% less power than traditional wireless transmission technologies.

Ampace unveils ultra-long cycle life batteries with 15,000-cycle

New batteries offer more than double the throughput of conventional cells.

Cornell-led project aims to reduce carbon emissions in aluminum recycling

The project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and address the impact of climate change.

Qvantum’s factory in Hungary will produce 1 million heat pumps per year

Qvantum acquires refrigerator manufacturing facility in Hungary from Electrolux.

FuelCell Energy and Toyota unveil world’s first Tri-gen system

FuelCell Energy's Tri-gen system produces renewable electricity, hydrogen, and water.

World’s most powerful X-ray laser successfully produces its first X-rays

The X-ray laser flashes a million times a minute and is 10,000 times brighter than its predecessor.

Raytheon to integrate UK’s first laser weapon on patrol vehicle

High-energy laser weapon system will be integrated onto a Wolfhound military vehicle.

SailDrone’s hurricane-chasing drone makes it to Guinness Book of World Records

The drone made global headlines when it spent 24 hours inside Hurricane Sam.

Boeing to test DARPA’s Glide Breaker hypersonic interceptor

Results will inform future hypersonic interceptor capabilities vital for national defense.

Imaging still objects with only Wi-Fi signals

Latest research makes significant progress in imaging still objects with Wi-Fi.

SolarEV City Concept can cut both energy cost and CO2 emissions

An effective and scalable solution for supplying clean, affordable, and reliable electricity in urban areas.

This tiny CubeSat rocket thruster runs on water

Such a small-scale thruster is designed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing small satellite market.

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