Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Voltpost retrofits lampposts into a modular EV charging solution

Voltpost, a company that offers electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, introduced an innovative, award-winning curbside EV charging solution. Voltpost is planning to deploy this solution in several major U.S. cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Detroit, this spring.

The company’s goal is to decarbonize mobility by making charging more accessible and affordable for everyone. Voltpost retrofits lampposts into a modular and upgradable Level 2 EV charging platform that can be accessed through a mobile app. This approach reduces installation costs, maintenance, and the footprint of chargers for communities.

Although Voltpost is compatible with all EVs, the lamppost charging platform proves particularly valuable for urban EV drivers living in multi-unit housing without dedicated parking spaces. This charging solution is a cost-effective and quick way to install a charger in one-to-two hours without any need for construction, trenching, or extensive permitting processes. This makes it easier to bring EV charging to underserved communities, high-density areas, and other “charging deserts.”

The modular charger seems to be a very efficient and user-friendly solution. With its retractable cable management system, it offers a cable extension of up to 20 feet, making it very easy to access any vehicle area. This feature can significantly reduce downtime and operational costs.

One unique feature of the Voltpost charger is the ChargePlug, which comes equipped with pulsing lights that direct cables at a safe 90˚ angle, ensuring optimal pedestrian and traffic safety.

The dedicated mobile application provided by Voltpost allows users to manage charging activities, reserve stations, monitor usage, and pay for electricity. It also provides valuable insights into financial and environmental savings.

For hosts, the Charge Station Management System (CSMS) provides comprehensive charging analytics that enables them to customize features, set pricing, and remotely monitor stations for public and private stakeholders.

Electric vehicles (EVs) play a significant role in the US federal government’s efforts to combat climate change. President Biden’s administration aims to have 50 percent of new cars sold in the US be electric by 2030, and they’re working with Congress to provide subsidies for EV purchases and infrastructure for charging these vehicles. However, in cities like New York, where half of all private cars are parked on the street, the lack of publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure is a major challenge that needs to be addressed.

To reach carbon neutrality by 2050, the city of New York would need almost 160,000 public level 2 EV charging plugs and 60,000 fast charging plugs. Last year, Voltpost participated in the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Studio program and experimented with installing charging stations on lampposts to help the city reach its target of 10,000 curbside chargers.

The firm‘s chargers were quickly installed in one hour, operated with the highest uptime of any service in the pilot program, and received positive feedback from New York drivers. Additionally, Voltpost secured a grant from the Michigan Economic Development’s Michigan Mobility Funding Platform to implement its lamppost charger as part of the Michigan Future Mobility Plan.