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Ocean Cleanup to begin removal of plastic from Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It proves the viability of technology using System 002 with trash collected from the infamous Garbage Patch.

New material derived from wood could pave way for better, safer batteries

The paper-thin material has an ion conductivity 10 to 100 times better than other polymer ion conductors.

Starlab, a crewed commercial space station planned to fly in 2027

Starlab, a commercial low-Earth orbit space station, is being planned for use by 2027.

Trump announces launch of new social media platform TRUTH Social

A website already allows you to register to be among the first to receive the app.

Flexible, self-healing material to protect steel from corrosion

The anticorrosive coating for steel was made with flexible devices in mind.

Microsoft, NVIDIA introduce world’s largest and most powerful generative language model

Microsoft and NVIDIA partner to further parallelize and optimize the training of very large AI models.

Plant-based jet fuel could reduce carbon emissions by nearly 70%

New plant-based aviation fuel could significantly reduce the environmental impact of flying.

Perfect pressure could improve the performance of lithium metal batteries

Use of proper stack pressure during the operation can help boost the performance of lithium metal batteries.

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