Monday, January 24, 2022

Emerging Tech

New perovskite/organic tandem solar cell achieves record efficiency of 23.6%

This technological breakthrough paves the way for flexible, light, low cost, and ultra-thin photovoltaic cells.

New flexible device turns wasted heat into electricity

The thermoelectric device can wrap around pipes and other hot surfaces and convert wasted heat into electricity.

Quantum dots boost efficiency and scalability of perovskite solar cells

It enhances the devices' light-capturing capacity while also suppressing nonradiative recombination.

Camel nose-inspired humidity sensor with water source locating capability

The novel device could reliably detect even low levels of airborne water molecules.

Radian plans to build world’s first truly reusable orbital spaceplane

It will be capable of a wide range of space operations, including the delivery of people and cargo to orbit.

CATL launches EVOGO battery swap solution for electric cars

Innovative modular battery swap solution includes battery blocks, fast battery swap stations, and an app.

SB-1 Defiant successfully completes FLRAA mission profile test flights

The demonstrator successfully performed confined area landings and low-level flight operations.

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