Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Underwater large-scale, long-duration energy storage tech

Jacobs’ latest project with BaroMar, the energy storage innovation company, is sure to make waves. They are developing the preliminary design for a first-of-its-kind underwater large-scale, long-duration energy storage pilot project located off the coast of Cyprus. This project is a game-changer in sustainable energy solutions, demonstrating the practical application and scalability of new technology that is simple, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

By leveraging existing, mature technology in power, energy, and marine engineering, as well as the hydrostatic pressure of the seawater, the system can achieve low installation costs and the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS). 

With a goal of round-trip efficiency of up to 70%, it offers a reliable solution to the challenges of relying on intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar and the significant capital costs of supporting infrastructure. 

“This project requires extensive geophysical, geotechnical and bathymetric surveying, investigation, feasibility studying and permitting for tank installation at deep depths for onshore mechanical and electrical equipment needs,” says Jacobs Vice President Fiachra Ó Cléirigh. “This work underscores Jacobs’ commitment to driving innovation and sustainability across sectors to deliver resilient, carbon free clean energy.”

The 4MWh pilot project is based on storing compressed air in large rigid tanks that are ballasted on the seabed. The tanks are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and the forces of compressed air and water pressure during both installation and operational conditions. 

“As the world graduates from fossil fuels for its primary energy supply to renewables, there is an equal imperative to deliver cost-effective and low-impact storage solutions. BaroMar’s technology harnesses excess electricity from the grid and stores it safely below the sea’s surface to be mobilized when needed. With its low capital requirements and minimal maintenance, this is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and scalable solution that will reinforce net zero ambitions while offering the world a secure supply in times of energy crisis or unpredictability,” says BaroMar CEO Yonadav Buber. “Jacobs’ engineering prowess and track record make them an ideal partner to bring transformational impact to the long-duration energy storage solution space.”

The pilot project in Cyprus is a significant step towards addressing the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in Europe and beyond by demonstrating the practical application and scalability of its technology.

Jacobs’ Office of Global Climate Response and ESG is also a commendable effort in delivering innovative solutions for clients across various aspects of the energy transition. With their engagement in research, planning, feasibility studies, proof-of-concept, and pilot programs for renewable energy projects, Jacobs is contributing significantly to the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

This is another key energy transition project in Jacobs’ growing portfolio, supporting clients with holistic energy solutions that reduce emissions and enhance reliability at a scalable level for generations to come.