Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Archer unveils high-volume battery pack manufacturing line

Archer Aviation has completed the build out of its high-volume battery pack manufacturing line. Housed at Archer’s Integrated Test Lab and Manufacturing Facilities in San Jose, CA, this facility will have the throughput necessary to support the planned high volume aircraft production ramp at Archer’s manufacturing facility in Georgia that remains on track to be completed later this year.

The battery pack manufacturing line seems to have been designed with high-volume production in mind, with the final phase of the facility expected to have the capacity to produce up to 15,000 battery packs per year. 

Archer has implemented automation in several areas of the manufacturing process to enhance quality, operator safety and data traceability. Some of the automated processes include cell test and load, adhesive dispensing, laser cleaning, laser welding and end of line testing.

“This is a major milestone for Archer as designing, developing, and mass producing electric propulsion systems that are purpose-built for electric aircraft is the key to unlocking the electrification of aviation,” said Tom Muniz, Archer CTO. “The facility will give us the capability to scale our battery pack production to meet the demands of the output that our Covington, Georgia facility will be capable of.”

Cylindrical cells being loaded into Archer’s proprietary battery pack via automated manufacturing process.
Cylindrical cells being loaded into Archer’s proprietary battery pack via automated manufacturing process. Credit: Archer Aviation

Archer’s decision to control the design and manufacturing of its battery pack is a demonstration of its commitment to safety, performance, and reliability in aviation. By using cylindrical cells, which have a proven track record of safety, performance, and scalability, Archer has implemented a proprietary and robust thermal runaway containment strategy to guarantee the safety of its battery pack. 

The successful completion of multiple drop tests, known to be some of the most challenging tests in the FAA’s Type Certification program, further attests to the durability and safety of Archer’s proprietary design. This approach to battery pack production is a testament to Archer’s dedication to providing top-quality products that meet the highest safety and reliability standards.

Archer’s mission is to revolutionize urban transportation by offering eco-friendly, low-noise, and cost-effective air taxi flights that can replace long and tedious car commutes. Their electric air taxis are estimated to take only 10-20 minutes to travel the same distance that takes 60-90 minutes by car. 

The Midnight, a four-seater piloted aircraft, is designed to perform quick back-to-back flights with minimal charge time between them.