Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Meet Apollo, a general-purpose humanoid robot

Robots are nothing but an automatically operated machine that replaces human effort. These robots can also take over unpleasant, complex, or health-threatening tasks that manual workers can perform. Nowadays, many companies are making android robots.

A spinout company from the Human Centered Robotics Lab at the University of Texas at Austin, Apptronik, has unveiled Apollo, the alpha version of their most recent humanoid robot, on completing the 7-year of the company.

The Apptronik company designs humanoid robots and has previously made more than ten robots. Also, it was contracted to build a robot named Valkyrie for NASA.

Apollo is the first commercial humanoid robot designed for friendly interaction, mass manufacturability, high payloads, and safety.

The Apollo is a 5 feet 8 inches tall robot that weighs around 160 lbs (72 kg) and can bear up to 55 lbs (24 kg) of weight. It is integrated with a hot-swappable battery pack. Each battery can last up to 4 hours. The Apollo can continue with a simple battery change. It also can be plugged into charge or tethered for continuous operation.

It is also equipped with LEDs in the head, Mouth, and Chest, all working together to communicate status.

Apollo’s body shape and size are similar to that of humans. This enables him to navigate human space and use our tools and equipment. It makes human interaction natural and allows for difficult or impossible tasks for other types of robots.

Apollo is integrated with several sensors and is designed to be a safe robot. Similar to the robot’s safety advantages over industrial robots, Apptronik’s unique force control architecture provides safe movement around humans. This robot immediately stops any movement when detecting objects within the impact radius.

The Apollo is a general-purpose robot designed to replicate anything humans can do, enabling humans to take higher-skilled roles. The robot’s software suite allows point-and-click control of your humanoid robots and automation by deploying and fully integrating various solutions into your warehouse and manufacturing operations.

It will operate in warehouses and manufacturing plants soon, eventually extending into construction, oil and gas, electronics production, retail, home delivery, elder care, and countless more areas. It can perform many tasks, such as uploading packages in the trailer, picking cases, palletixation, machine tending, and work cell delivery.

The Apptronik’s Apollo humanoid robot can be helpful if it fulfills the expectations of the companies. The pricing for this robot has yet to be disclosed.