With Robosen T9, the Transformers are no longer a fantasy

A transformer able to go from car to humanoid robot alone on voice command.

US Marine Corps is developing a robotic crawler to clear broken-wave mines

An unmanned robot system to scour the waters for threats in a mined environment.

Veo FreeMove, a safety-ratable vision system for human-robot interaction

It signals the robot to slow or stop as necessary for worker safety, and then to resume its program when it can do so safely.

MIT’s new robot can ‘grow’ like a plant, and squeeze through tight spaces

Its extendable appendage can meander through tight spaces and then lift heavy loads.

Trimbot, an autonomous outdoor garden trimming robot

The cutting-edge outdoor gardening robot can self-navigate around gardens and perform precise tasks with cutting tools.

SICK’s SRAP safety system makes collaborative robot applications safer

Safe Robotics Area Protection (SRAP) system allows workers to safely access the robot to intervene in the process for quality checks or to deliver materials.

ANA imagines the future of travel without airplanes

"Newme" telepresence robots that let people experience faraway places without having to travel there in person.

The transformer-inspired robots made from motorbike scraps

Made entirely from recycled motorbike parts, the Robot One can speak Vietnamese.

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