NASA presents the SLS, its most powerful space launcher ever built

The test pushed the tank to its limits to see how much force it would take to cause the tank’s structure to fail.

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner mounted on a launch vehicle

The Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft, built to carry astronauts to ISS, has taken a significant step toward launch.

NASA unveils X-57 Maxwell, its 100% electric airplane

Maxwell X-57, an experimental 100% electric airplane that aims to revolutionize the industry.

Astronaut Smart Glove will help control drones with hand gestures on the Moon, Mars

An “Astronaut Smart Glove” might allow future astronauts on the Moon, Mars or beyond to single-handedly control even complex robotic assets such as drones.

NASA’s VIPER Lunar Rover will search for water on the Moon

The VIPER Lunar Rover will collect soil samples and pave the way for the Artemis program, which should take astronauts back to the satellite in 2024.

NASA’s Mars 2020 stood on its legs and wheels for the first time

NASA's Mars 2020 rover has carried its full weight on its legs and wheels for the first time.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope passes critical sunshield deployment tests

The sunshield for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has passed a test critical to preparing the observatory for its 2021 launch.

NASA’s new space exploration suits are safer, more comfortable, and smarter

Known as xEMU, this outfit may be immune to temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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