NASA selects SpaceX to launch the SPHEREx space telescope

SPHEREx will help astronomers better understand how galaxies form and evolve.

NASA’s SPHEREx space telescope is one step closer to launch

The observatory will map the entire sky to study the universe's rapid expansion after the big bang.

Astrobotic, NASA successfully test the maneuverability of small robotic CubeRover

CubeRover performed more than 150 mobility tests over several days to evaluate and improve wheel design.

NASA is working on Mars Dog, a four-legged robot for Mars exploration

Biomimetic robots for the exploration of Mars, from its rugged surface to its hidden caves.

NASA approves Blue Origin’s New Glenn heavy-lift rocket for future missions

NASA has awarded a launch services contract to Blue Origin for New Glenn launch service.

NASA’s all-electric X-57 propeller design underwent wind tunnel testing

The goal for X-57 is to share the design, lessons learned, as new electric aircraft markets begin to emerge.

NASA awards Nokia a contract to build first-ever cellular network on the Moon

LTE/4G technology will help pave the way towards sustainable human presence on the lunar surface.

NASA’s DuAxel rover splits in two to explore the toughest terrain

The rover is composed of two Axel robots and uses a tether to explore otherwise inaccessible terrain.

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