Realistic-looking child android Affetto can ‘feel’ pain

The team is working on a synthetic skin that could one day help robots "feel" pain.

Japan builds an 18-meter-tall life-sized Gundam Robot that walks

One arm of the robot will be about two meters long and weigh more than 200 kg.

Toyota showed an improved version of the humanoid robot T-HR3

It is now able to execute more difficult tasks than before, including walking in a more natural manner.

Humanoid robot can communicate, identify electronic items and pick up objects

The robot could identify electronic items and pick up objects ‘from a distance of 100 meters.’

Two-legged Cassie Cal robot can juggle a ball on its head

Cassie may not have any arms to work with, but that doesn’t keep it from juggling a ball on its head.

Promobot starts selling human-like robots called Android Robo-C

The robot copies the appearance of a person and can reproduce about 600 human micro-facial expressions.

Atlas robot can perform gymnastics routine without losing balance

A new video from Boston Dynamics shows its Atlas, does a handstand, rolls around and even does a few jumping twists, without losing its balance.

Toyota unveils a series of 7 robots to help people in Tokyo Olympics

The 2020 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games are being held in Tokyo and Toyota is playing a key role in on-site mobility and transportation....

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