Amazon patents a system for whipping payloads into orbit

A launch system that could theoretically send payloads into space using a long whip.

Galileo navigation system contributes to saving more than 2000 lives annually

From now, the satellites will reply to these messages, assuring people in danger that help is on the way.

NASA tests VIPER, its rover that will track icy water on the Moon

VIPER’s mission is to roam around the Moon’s South Pole, looking for water ice in the region.

China to complete BeiDou, its alternative to GPS, in mid-2020

According to the developers, more than 70% of smartphones in China are already equipped for BeiDou.

China successfully launches its largest carrier rocket Long March-5

It carries China's heaviest and most advanced satellite to date into a geosynchronous orbit.

ISRO launches Cartosat-3 and 13 other nanosatellites into an orbit of 509 km

Cartosat-3 is the most complex and advanced earth observation satellite built by ISRO.

First iodine-propelled satellite successfully performed propulsive operations

Spacety and ThrustMe reported success in initial on-orbit testing of an iodine-fueled CubeSat thruster.

UC scientist to develop nanosatellites for protein crystallization

The team is developing a nanosatellite-based space biology laboratory for crystallizing proteins in low Earth orbit.

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