Lego releases the replica of the International Space Station

The International Space Station set is designed to inspire space enthusiasts young and old.

Lexus introduced seven unrealistic transport concepts for the Moon

If humanity ever nevertheless populates the moon, it would move around on something similar to these Lexus concepts.

Habitats on the Moon and Mars could be made from fungi

The myco-architecture project could also lead to more sustainable ways of living on Earth as well.

NASA tests VIPER, its rover that will track icy water on the Moon

VIPER’s mission is to roam around the Moon’s South Pole, looking for water ice in the region.

NASA developed a lunar electric scooter for astronaut’s better mobility

NASA used the Lunar Rover instead, but a lunar dirt bike would’ve been pretty cool.

Boeing Starliner capsule lands successfully after a failed mission

The landing makes it the first US-made, crew-ready capsule to touch down on solid ground instead of in the ocean.

First drive test of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover completed successfully

The new rover will move to Cape Canaveral, Florida, in the beginning of next year to prepare for launch.

The launch of space ‘garbage collector’ is scheduled for 2025

ClearSpace-1 will target the conical upper part of the payload adapter that delivered Proba-V into orbit.

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