UC scientist to develop nanosatellites for protein crystallization

The team is developing a nanosatellite-based space biology laboratory for crystallizing proteins in low Earth orbit.

The world’s first space hotel will open its doors in 2025

The Von Braun Rotating Space Station will support scientific experiments but also function as a "space hotel" for tourists.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope passes critical sunshield deployment tests

The sunshield for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has passed a test critical to preparing the observatory for its 2021 launch.

The world’s first Exclusive Spacewear System for private astronauts

The collection made by the Under Armor brand also includes a training suit, footwear, and even a limited edition jacket.

SpaceBit plans to send the first Walking Rover on the moon in 2021

The SpaceBit's Walking Rover is the smallest lunar rover ever that will explore the moon’s surface on its legs rather than wheels.

NASA’s new space exploration suits are safer, more comfortable, and smarter

Known as xEMU, this outfit may be immune to temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

NASA launches the satellite ICON to explore Earth’s Ionosphere

The spacecraft will study a region of space where changes can disrupt communications and satellite orbits, and even increase radiation risks to astronauts.

Aleph Farms artificially produced meat in space for the first time

The start-up managed to grow meat from animal cells under microgravity conditions in the International Space Station for the first time.

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