Space exploration

Habitats on the Moon and Mars could be made from fungi

The myco-architecture project could also lead to more sustainable ways of living on Earth as well.

NASA tests VIPER, its rover that will track icy water on the Moon

VIPER’s mission is to roam around the Moon’s South Pole, looking for water ice in the region.

NASA developed a lunar electric scooter for astronaut’s better mobility

NASA used the Lunar Rover instead, but a lunar dirt bike would’ve been pretty cool.

China successfully launches its largest carrier rocket Long March-5

It carries China's heaviest and most advanced satellite to date into a geosynchronous orbit.

First drive test of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover completed successfully

The new rover will move to Cape Canaveral, Florida, in the beginning of next year to prepare for launch.

NASA presents the SLS, its most powerful space launcher ever built

The test pushed the tank to its limits to see how much force it would take to cause the tank’s structure to fail.

NASA unveiled what a future Mid-Sized Robotic Lunar Lander might look like

This new concept design focuses on demonstrating a highly accurate, large payload lunar landing vehicle.

Aquatic rover BRUIE to explore ice-covered oceans of an icy moon

The Buoyant Rover is around three feet (1 meter) long and equipped with two wheels to roll along beneath the ice.

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