Tuesday, March 5, 2024

UGOT AI robotic kit allows users to build up to seven different robots

Chinese robotics company UBITECH has unveiled a UGOT, an innovative AI robotic kit with parts to make seven different working robots with an innovative knob lock technology.

With the UGOT robotic kit, users can make a Quadruped robot, Engineer Vehicle, Wheeled and legged robot, Transforming car, Spider robot, Self-balancing car, and Mecanum wheel car by easily replacing a few parts. With a modular design and simplified parts, UBITECH makes the assembly and disassembly faster and easier.

These robots are developed as family robots that can act as personal assistants. Also, with its advanced robotic technology, UGOT offers a wide range of capabilities and modes of operations with the help of its powerful AI features, high computing power, and modular design.

The UGOT robotic kit is integrated with the ChatGPT, making the robot the personal AI assistant with voice commands. Also, for powerful speech recognition using a directional 3-microphone array, the robot can listen and respond via a speaker.

The UGOT robot features a main control unit equipped with ARM G52 2EE GPU, quad-core Cortex A55-CPU, and 1TOPS NPU chip that provides computing power and enables gesture recognition, human posture recognition, face recognition, and text and object recognition.

The two-sensor module includes an interchangeable TOF ranging sensor or 1MP- 720p RGB camera sensor.

The UGOT kit, with its Natural Mode, can be directly connected with the UGOT app, which offers users a unique first-person perspective control feature. With the app, users get a bidirectional voice communication that allows them to enjoy the FPV experience and capture videos and photos during the control process.

Moreover, the UGOT app features an AI Follow function that automatically allows the robot to follow human, cat, or dog movements with the camera module on.

Additionally, the UGOT app includes a series of interactive AI games so users can play them alongside their robots.

Notably, the APP features 3D assembly steps, ensuring users can easily master the robot’s construction process.

UGOT robot has multiple built-in motion control self-balancing algorithms that help the robot balance climbing short slopes and obstacle avoidance and adapt to complicated terrains. The robots are also compatible with Python and graphical programming.

With the help of a new magnetic encoding actuator, UGOT features a faster and more accurate operation. It provides a straighter walk, more precise turns, and faster speeds, delivering a better experience.

The UGOT robot has a 2600 mAh, 11.1V lithium rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 2.5 hours. In addition, the robot is equipped with high-speed brushed DC servomotors for wheels, which provide a maximum speed of 140cm/s (5 km/h), and brushed DC servomotor for joints for the joints of a Quadruped robot.

Additionally, the UGOT features a 1W speaker for AI assistance, a robotic arm and gripper, a 2.4-inch touchscreen display, motion tracking, high-speed control up to 360 RPM, and 360-degree far-field speech recognition.

The robot also comes with a variety of customizable add-ons, such as infrared and ranging sensors, which can be combined to create rich applications, such as FPV driving with UGOT, playing obstacle virtual games with UGOT, setting up tracks to create challenges together with UGOT, and more.

In the future, the UBITECH team will develop more parts for UGOT that can be used to build other types of robots, such as humanized robots, uncrewed ships, and drones.

The UBITECH UGOT robotic kit is available to back on the Kickstarter website, with the introductory kit price starting from $369, and the deliveries are expected to begin in November of this year.