Four-legged robot

Adam Savage has a new horse for his rickshaw

Adam Savage's Spot Robot Rickshaw Carriage!

The Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is now more developer-friendly

The Spot Software Development Kit (SDK) will be publicly available to view on Github.

Spot robot is ready for on-site inspection at a large construction site

Equipped with a 360° camera, Spot walks a jobsite and captures 360° images.

A quadruped robot that can climb vertical ladders autonomously

The robot that’s able to climb vertical ladders that a real dog would struggle with.

The MIT Mini Cheetah robot can backflip and play soccer

The MIT Mini Cheetah can backflip out of leaf piles, spring in slow motion from under piles of fall leaves, and even play soccer.

Robot dogs can move more naturally thanks to algorithms and sensors

Virginia Tech's research team is working on enhancing agility, stability, and dexterity of four-legged robots.

Meet Spot, the first robot for sale by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has finally made its Spot robotic dog available for sale, with an attractive promo video, showing all the benefits and possible functions of the robot.

OpenLeg, a new open source project for building robot legs

Researchers developed an open-source leg that others can use to build four-legged robots that can amble around the neighborhood.

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