QilingUAV’s JC260 drone drops bombs to extinguish forest fire

When fired two fire extinguishing bombs at the same time, it can extinguish 100 cubic meters of fire.

Spanish Police are using drones to urge people to stay at home

Spanish police use drones to ask people to stay home to protect them against coronavirus.

Turkish firm introduced a unique weapon ‘ES-60’ against drones

Unique technology help reduce the weight and dimensions of the new anti-drone gun.

World’s first manned drone capable of aerobatic maneuvers was unveiled

The first-ever manned drone capable of aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls and loops.

Amazon patents a system for whipping payloads into orbit

A launch system that could theoretically send payloads into space using a long whip.

Leonardo’s Falco Xplorer drone successfully completes first flight

Falco Xplorer can fly continuously for more than 24 hours, with a payload of 350 kg.

Autel EVO II, the foldable Drone with 8K camera, 40 minutes of flight

Using the 12 computer vision sensors, EVO II can navigate itself, avoid obstacles.

DJI patents a surprising off-roader integrated with stabilized camera

The unmanned land-based all-in-one vehicle rotates 360 degrees, even on rough roads.

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