Monday, July 22, 2024

TUM students set new Guinness world record

Technical University of Munich (TUM) students’ team, the TUfast Eco, has developed muc022, the longest-range electric car in the world, and the team also competed for the new world record at the Munich airport.

As part of the IAA Mobility fair, the team competed for the new world record at the Munich airport and successfully broke the previous world record of 1608.54 km (1000 miles) set by the previous record-holder.

In pursuit of the Guinness World Record, the student initiative modified the muc022, which the team had already used to compete in efficient electric car competitions such as the Shell Eco Marathon, where the team regularly participates.

Concentrating primarily on aerodynamic design and lightweight construction, the engineers of the TUfast Eco team have installed a larger battery with an output rating of 15.5 kWh to bring the vehicle up to world-record class.

The muc022 has a teardrop-like aerodynamic body with a drag coefficient of 0.159, the lowest of any vehicle on the market. It weighs about 170 kg (375 lb) without the driver and runs on a small 400 W permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).

The TUfast Eco team managed to cover 1608.54 km (1000 miles) distance in just four days, and the muc022 still had enough battery, so the team kept going. The team drove more than 2,573 km (1,599.28 miles) on a single battery charge and set a new world record for “greatest distance by electric vehicle, single charge (non-solar).”

The test lasted six days, during which the team slept on cots in the aircraft hangar.

Munich Airport made the record run possible, providing an empty aircraft hangar so the team could set the world record even in bad weather.

The aerodynamic body of the single-seat muc022 traveled 2,573.79 km (1,599.28 miles) on just one charge of the 15.5 kWh battery, which was the longest-range fit for a production car of battery size.

In terms of energy, the result also means that the TUfast Eco team used just 0.6 kWh to drive 100 km (62 miles). Compared to other economical series vehicles that consume approximately 13 kWh for 100 km (62 miles).

TUM President Thomas F. Hofmann said in a statement, “The longest-range electric car in the world is from Munich! At TUM, we support student initiatives from the widest possible variety of academic disciplines and provide space for creativity in addition to studies. I’m particularly proud of the fact that in this environment, our teams perform at the highest levels again and again. This also confirms the fact that we’re doing a lot of things right in our teaching. Student groups bring additional life to campus and promote talented individuals, sometimes as early as during the bachelor’s program. My sincere congratulations go to the TUfast Eco team for breaking this world record!”