Electric Car

Renault develops fabric made from 100% recycled materials for its new EV

A unique, patented textile product made from safety belts, textile scraps and plastic bottle recycling, in the New Renault Zoé.

An electric car battery that takes you 1,500 miles without recharging

An inexpensive lightweight aluminum-air battery, nine times more capacious than lithium-ion, and easier to recycle.

New electric crossover called Fisker Ocean with full-length solar roof

The full-length solar roof will help boost the vehicle's range, and Fisker believes it will provide up to 1,000 extra clean miles a year.

Lexus LF-30, a futuristic EV with in-built drone to transport your baggage

Boasting four in-wheel electric motors, steering by wire, and Lexus Advanced Posture Control, LF-30 can offer a dynamic experience unlike any currently available.

Electric Mazda MX-30 debuts with “Freestyle” door setup

Mazda unveils its first 100% electric model the MX-30 with a 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery and the RX-8-like "Freestyle" door setup.

Uniti One, the compact three-seater city car on the market

The Uniti One has been designed in response to today’s changing transportation needs, and to provide flexibility for the future.

Android infotainment system will be installed in electric Volvo XC40

Fully electric Volvo XC40 introduces brand new infotainment system powered by Android with Google technologies built-in.

Tiny explosions in an EV could save lives in a crash

Bosch devices prevent electric shock when electric vehicles are involved in accidents.

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