Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Infinite Mobility develops cargo e-bike that runs on solar power

High-efficiency solar cells have been seamlessly integrated into the body of its vehicle.

Renault Group to soon launch Level 4 autonomous robotized miniBus

It has chosen to approach the autonomous vehicle strategy in the years to come. 

AEVEX unveils rugged, low-visibility sea drone

The customizable sea drones can be fitted with extra fuel tanks.

DAB Motors launches its first production electric motorbike

The limited-run DAB 1α is billed as a "fusion of luxury and technology."

Self-balancing, omnidirectional, mecanum-wheeled electric bike

It's one of the most bizarre vehicles we've ever seen in motion.

Northrop Grumman introduces Manta Ray Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle

The extra-large submarine glider is designed to carry out long-range undersea missions.

Stadler’s hydrogen-powered passenger train sets a distance record

The furthest distance achieved by a hydrogen-powered passenger train without refueling.

New Aston Martin Vantage takes up as Official FIA Safety Car of Formula 1

This is the fourth race season with specially equipped Aston Martins fulfilling this vital safety role in F1.

ISEE deploys the world’s first fully autonomous yard trucks

This ushers in a new era of safety, efficiency, and capacity for the supply chain.

Aptera secures $33 million for its 400-mile solar EV production

Revolutionizing the way vehicles are built and the energy they use to get from place to place.

UVA students’ self-driving car nabs second place in a major race

It's taken years of very meticulous preparation to get to this point.

MIT’s EV team builds open-source hydrogen motorcycle for research

The motorcycle is built as a testbed for new hydrogen-based transportation.

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