Sunday, June 16, 2024

ThereCraft presents flying-wing drone for non-stop cargo delivery

These days, a large number of companies are developing drones for the delivery of mail, shopping, or medicine. In most cases, such devices are multicopter capable of vertical take-off and landing and typically have relatively low speed and range. For this reason, logistics companies involved in the delivery of medical supplies and emergency services continue to resort to the use of traditional aircraft in cases where it is urgent to transport drugs or special equipment over long distances.

Recently, an American startup ThereCraft presented the project of a promising unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which can be used for non-stop and urgent delivery of goods. This flying-wing drone, dubbed “YCS17,” is capable of flying longer distances and at higher speeds than the existing delivery drones, so it can compete with traditional aviation. These properties will be useful if you need to urgently deliver drugs or other important cargo in an emergency.

The YCS17 has a compartment for transporting items, and in the lower part, there is a release mechanism to drop its payload. As per the project, the device, before the final delivery point, makes a dive, descending to the minimum distance from the ground and drops the package with the load. After dropping the parcel, ThereCraft’s drone then abruptly gains height and returns to the point of departure, as you can see in the video. Other details about promising development have not yet been disclosed by the company.