Drone delivery

JetQuad, a powerful jet-powered drone can fly up to 483 km/h

The AB5 JetQuad is specifically designed so that it can easily be carried by a single person.

Uber revealed a new six-wings drone for Uber Eats delivery

Uber unveiled a new design for its food delivery drone that might transport your Uber Eats orders in the future.

UPS to deliver CVS healthcare prescriptions by drone at home

UPS and CVS Health have signed an agreement to explore drone delivery options.

Wing delivery drones will soon ship FedEx and Walgreens packages

This fall, Google-owned drone delivery company Wing will begin delivering goods for FedEx Express, Walgreens and a small retailer.

Flirtey Eagle delivery drone can deliver packages in less than 10 minutes

A northern Nevada-based drone delivery company Flirtey has unveiled its new Flirtey Eagle quadcopter. This new drone system brings improvements to Flirtey's already active...

A production-ready, 1-ton, autonomous cargo delivery drone unveiled

Delivering battlefield supplies in war-torn areas can be very dangerous, as enemy forces may shoot down aircraft attempting to do so. In order to aid...

Bell’s autonomous cargo drone takes its successful first flight

On Monday, Bell has announced that its multi-copter UAV completed a successful first flight at their testing site near Fort Worth. The aircraft, called the...

OpenSky app, an air-traffic control system for drones

Wing LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. that develops the technology of drone-based delivery of freight, has developed a range of tools and technology...

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