First prototype Loyal Wingman achieves ‘weight on wheels’ milestone

The goal is to produce an autonomous drone that can go hand-in-hand with drones and manned fighter jets.

Stratolaunch Talon-A, a versatile, reusable hypersonic testbed

Meet the Talon-A, a Mach 6-class vehicle designed to make hypersonic testing more routine.

NASA shows its all-electric X-57 Maxwell in final configuration

The electric aircraft presents a wide array of potential benefits to aviation.

Eather One: the electric plane that uses air friction to generate power

It will be powered by air friction across its wings and airframe. No fuel tanks or large battery banks are required.

First successful test flight of VoltAero Cassio 1 hybrid-electric aircraft

This hybrid construction will eventually enable a flight range of 1,200 km.

Wright Electric is developing a propulsion system for a 186-seat electric aircraft

A total of 10-12 electric motors are to be integrated into the wings.

Electric 19-seater commuter-class aircrafts: the next big step in electric flight

Researchers are examining the possibilities and potential for hybrid-electric 19-seater aircraft.

This giant Flying Bum to go hybrid-electric by 2025

An improved version with a new more aerodynamic design and a new hybrid-electric propulsion system.

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