Robotic Arm

Otto Motors puts Boston Dynamics’ Handle robot to work in its warehouse

Companies are working together to show the efficiency of robots in this type of space.

AI-powered warehouse robot easily sorts a limitless range of objects

It can handle the classification of objects of various sizes and shapes, no worse than humans.

Meet Reachy, an expressive, open-source humanoid system

With 7 degrees of freedom, Reachy’s arm features similar dimensions, movements to an adult human arm.

LG Electronics showcased its first cooking robot called “LG CLOi Chefbot”

It can complete basic tasks such as making noodles in less than a minute.

Alphabet’s X showed garbage sorting robots

Alphabet's Everyday Robot Project aims at teaching robots how to help us in our everyday lives.

“CRS-H” Robots to come in U.S. Army to dispose of explosives

Robot designed to detect, identify, access, render safe, exploit, and achieve final disposition of heavy explosive ordnance.

Promobot starts selling human-like robots called Android Robo-C

The robot copies the appearance of a person and can reproduce about 600 human micro-facial expressions.

Universal Robots’ new heavy-duty cobot speeds up automation

Universal Robots (UR), a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots) in the world, has unveiled its new UR16e, which boasts an impressive 16kg (35.3...

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