New “smart needle” diagnose cancer within a few seconds

The new technique can detect and diagnose one of the most common types of cancer within seconds - using light.

Emma doll illustrates how 20 years of office work could damage our body

Emma is a life-sized doll depicting what the average office worker could look like in 20 years if changes aren’t made to the workplace environment.

OmniVision OV6948, the world’s smallest commercially available image sensor

The OVM6948 is the only ultra small “chip on tip” camera with backside illumination, which provides excellent image quality.

Smart speaker system uses white noise to monitor baby’s breathing

New smart speaker system uses white noise to both soothe sleeping babies and monitor their breathing and movement.

Injectsense’s implantable sensor allows eye pressure monitoring at home

The device is designed for long-term in-vivo monitoring of intra-ocular pressure (IOP) to assess glaucoma therapy effectiveness.

New ultrasound transducer delivers fast, reliable diagnosis of middle-ear infection

Currently, doctors likely use a lighted instrument called an otoscope to look into your ear or to check for middle-ear infections. Now, researchers have developed...

Blood pressure can be measured accurately using selfie video

Soon, you might not have to go to your doctor or pharmacy to determine your blood pressure. All you will need is a quick...

IIT Engineers developed the Smartest, Contact-Less Health Monitor!

Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle, but it can be a challenge for many people as because of their busy schedules they often fall into...

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