New hydrogel contact lenses uses tears to monitor patient health

Specially engineered contact lenses for diagnostic and therapeutic use.

NVIDIA to build the UK’s most powerful supercomputer for health research

It will be built in Cambridge; the idea is to use artificial intelligence to accelerate drug discovery.

Dr. Spot can measure patients’ vital signs from a distance of 2 meters

The mobile system could reduce health care workers' exposure to COVID-19 virus.

How India’s National Digital Health Mission will benefit people?

The mission is set to revolutionize healthcare, but raises privacy concerns.

Tesla to create molecule printers to help CureVac develop COVID-19 vaccine

The "molecular printers" can print different types of vaccine against infectious diseases.

New specimen collection robot eliminates direct doctor-patient contact

It is expected to be useful in the screening of high-risk diseases like COVID-19.

Fitbit receives FDA approval for its low-cost, easy-to-use emergency ventilator

Easy-to-use emergency ventilator to help address urgent global needs during COVID-19 crisis.

Wearable necklace-ECG performs quick and easy heart-checks

A new and easy method for detecting an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation.

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