Tuesday, June 18, 2024

pixelRo unveils cutting-edge digital eye care solutions at CES

pixelRo, a spin-off from Samsung Electronics’ in-house venture nurturing program C Lab, has showcased its groundbreaking technologies that are reshaping the digital eye care industry at CES 2024. pixelRo is dedicated to creating user-friendly solutions for vision correction and eye protection.

The Seoul-based digital eye care solutions developer unveiled its flagship NENOON App and NENOON Kiosk, along with other products like smartphones and monitored blue light-blocking films. They also presented their healing care products, such as air purifiers and humidifiers that have the company’s proprietary Zeus Ion Module.

pixelRo’s NENOON App is a revolutionary eye care solution that uses cutting-edge technology to help users monitor and manage their eye health. With this mobile-based application, you can take periodic visual acuity tests and access a range of features for personalized vision correction and eye protection.

The app provides wellness assessments, eye exercise recommendations, and a comprehensive eye health history management system, enabling users to take proactive measures to safeguard their vision. By using this app, you can not only enhance your eye health but also contribute to the global initiative of early detection and prevention of eye-related issues.

Furthermore, the NENOON Kiosk by pixelRo is a cutting-edge device that offers advanced vision measurement capabilities, including near and distance vision assessments. It is also integrated with the Amsler Grid software for macular degeneration self-diagnosis. The device is equipped with specific charts and uses advanced technology for distance and gaze tracking, providing comprehensive and quantified information.

The Kiosk has undergone rigorous evaluations, including approvals from the U.S. FDA for facility and product registration, and it adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. Ongoing clinical trials at esteemed medical institutions further demonstrate the NENOON Kiosk’s commitment to advancing eye health through precision diagnostics and proactive care.

“Leveraging the exposure and feedback from CES 2024, we aim to strengthen our global position, explore new markets, and establish strategic partnerships,” remarked Kang Seok-myong, CEO of pixelRo. “Also, taking into consideration the unique local market characteristics, we will develop tailored marketing strategies and collaborate with local partners in our global expansion.”