Sarcos Guardian XO exoskeleton enables an employee to lift up to 200 lbs

A mobile exoskeleton designed to boost employees’ physical capabilities and bolster their safety.

UTHealth and CCNY develop the lightest exoskeleton for elderly

The prototype is approximately 60% lighter than commercially available exoskeletons.

Japanese elderly use exoskeletons to postpone their retirement

Fully pumped "muscles" provide lifting support for loads less than 25 kg.

First robotic-type suit to be used during Para powerlifting events

Robotic 'power assist suits' will be used for the first time at the Paralympics at Tokyo 2020.

New robotic exoskeleton hand to help stroke patients

The two IIT-Kanpur professors, Ashish Dutta, and KS Venkatesh have developed a two-finger robotic exoskeleton hand to help stroke patients. The new device is a...

A new low-profile, unpowered ankle exoskeleton that fits under clothes

While the most other exoskeletons or a power armors are powered by a system of electric motors or a combination of technologies. One of...

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