An open-source and easy-to-build cleaning robot that kills viruses and bacteria

It is intended for use in hospitals and similar environments requiring disinfection.

Mitra Robot helps COVID-19 patients communicate with their loved ones

It can also be used for remote medical consultations.

Self-adhering, transparent SEEUS95 mask makes you smile again

The world's first self-adhering N95 transparent shield and respirator.

JabberMask face mask can smile or mimic your mouth while speaking

JabberMask face mask will reflect mouth movements using LED lights.

Robot Zafira scans customers, dispenses sanitizer at cloth stores in India

A robot designed to automate body temperature screening for safer communities.

Dr. Spot can measure patients’ vital signs from a distance of 2 meters

The mobile system could reduce health care workers' exposure to COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Spot can remotely measure vital signs and help in pandemics

Agile mobile robotic platform for contactless vital signs monitoring.

ThermalPass fever-detection system identifies potential at-risk COVID-19 carriers

It identifies potential at-risk COVID-19 carriers through infrared temperature checks.

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