Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Meet Grace, the human-like robot designed for healthcare

Hanson Robotics took the world by storm when it launched the robot Sophia, which is known for having obtained Saudi Arabian citizenship. Since its debut, Sophia has appeared onstage at a multitude of technology conferences, appeared on the cover of a British fashion magazine, and even sold a self-portrait of itself. The robot can now carry on a conversation, offer a range of facial expressions and even high-fives.

In these images, the human-like robot presents the latest invention from the Hong Kong-based robotics company: Grace, an ultra-lifelike nurse robot that could revolutionize the healthcare market. Designed to interact with the elderly and those isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the humanoid robot is dressed in a blue nurse’s uniform.

Grace is equipped with sensors, including a thermal imaging camera in her chest to detect a patient’s temperature and pulse. This will make it easier for healthcare providers to diagnose patients without being in physical contact with them. Grace uses artificial intelligence when assessing her patients, and speaks three languages – English, Mandarin, and Cantonese – and can socialize, conduct speech therapy to light up people’s everyday lives.

Hanson Robotics CEO and founder David Hanson explains that robots like Grace are created to be a support for healthcare professionals rather than a replacement, CNN writes.

Hanson Robotics will start mass production of robots such as Sophia and Grace towards the end of 2021. There are plans to fully deploy her next year in locations including Hong Kong, mainland China, Japan, and Korea.

The launch of Grace came amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has increased the need for contactless services. Also, stuck at home during lockdowns, many people have had their mental states affected with negative thoughts. The deployment of these social robots could hopefully have a positive impact on society.