All-new Morgan Plus Four comes with BMW’s turbocharged engine

It arrives as the perfect and revolutionary successor to the outgoing Plus 4.

Hyundai and Kia develop the first predictive gear-shifting control system

It allows the car to automatically shift to optimal gear based on road and traffic conditions ahead.

Ford develops unique 3D printed wheel nuts using a driver’s voice

Ford develops 3D-printed locking wheel nuts to help keep thieves away.

TDF-1, a Formula 1 car you can buy!

It has accelerations of up to 100 in less than 2 seconds, and a maximum speed of over 320km (200mph).

The Super-Light chassis for Hennessey Venom F5 built to fly at 500 kph

Take a closer look at the Hennessey Venom F5 skeleton with its amazing weight value.

New Polaris Slingshot gets an AutoDrive transmission and more powerful engine

The all-new ProStar 2.0L engine delivers more power and more fun.

The Bloodhound LSR reached a new top speed of 1,010 km/h

Bloodhound LSR hits a new top speed: 628 mph (1,010 km/h), reaching maximum velocity as she passed the 5 mile (8km)mark in just 50 seconds.

The Bloodhound LSR exceeds 500 mph and is close to being the fastest car in the world

With this new record it has already entered the record books in the list of the ten fastest cars in history.

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