The Bloodhound LSR reached a new top speed of 1,010 km/h

Bloodhound LSR hits a new top speed: 628 mph (1,010 km/h), reaching maximum velocity as she passed the 5 mile (8km)mark in just 50 seconds.

The Bloodhound LSR exceeds 500 mph and is close to being the fastest car in the world

With this new record it has already entered the record books in the list of the ten fastest cars in history.

Drones could help get your car breakdown fixed faster

A towing company is planning on using drones for aerial inspection of car breakdowns in the area.

World’s first three-wheeled electric car with 1,600 km of range

Nearly ten years ago, the California-based company Aptera Motors tried building the world’s most energy-efficient three-wheeled electric vehicle. Featured with an airplane fuselage-shaped body,...

BMW revealed the world’s blackest car, Vantablack BMW X6

BMW has unveiled a special edition BMW X6 that you might struggle to see. The vehicle is spray-painted with "the world's blackest black" coating...

Audi teases new electrically driven off-roader of the future

It looks like Audi is putting a new twist on the self-driving car concepts. In the past few years, it has unveiled three AI...

Hyundai teases its retro-inspired fully-electric concept car

Hyundai has teased its new fully-electric model that is scheduled for a debut during this year's Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The 2019 edition...

Mercedes-Benz revealed A-Class and B-Class plug-in hybrids for Europe

Like most other automakers, Mercedes-Benz is also on the mission to electrify its lineup of vehicles in the near future. Now it is adding...

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