Tuesday, January 31, 2023

RockyBelt is the world’s first wearable modular power bank

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Outdoor adventure means a lot of bulky stuff with some gadgets. The smartphone will top the list of gadgets and then the power bank. However, it is not really convenient to carry all these things in outdoor activities and enjoy leisure time. We wish a completely hands-free experience with all essential gadgets.

RockyBelt has come to your rescue. It is the world’s first wearable and modular power bank tailored with space for all the tools and gadgets you would need for adventure. It may be flashlights, chargers, guitar playing kit, survival kit, and other add-ons.

This belt is practical and lightweight weighing 1.30 lbs only. RockyBelt enables you to customize the belt’s functions as per your needs.

This belt devised a 28000mAh safe, compact and waterproof rechargeable battery. Also, it includes a wall charger and three retractable charging cables as-
1. Type-C
2. Micro USB
3. iPhone

RockyBelt Charging Accessory
RockyBelt Charging Accessory

Simply, it can charge just any device on the go.

It houses built-in Bluetooth Speakers to let you listen to music or podcasts out on an adventure. Also, with these speakers, you are free to attend your hands-free phone calls.

With this belt, you no longer need to carry an additional torch to if the night is supposed to fall. Since, RockyBelt equipped with a powerful built-in dimmable, adjustable and hands-free LED flashlights.

RockyBelt Guitar Kit
RockyBelt Guitar Kit

It houses an exceptional feature, its guitar-friendly design. It is something could be beyond imagination playing guitar anywhere. RockyBelt Pro equipped Powerful AUX/Bluetooth Speakers and a Premium Built-In Amplifier to rock the floor anywhere. Forget to carry heavy amplifier, finding a power outlet and else.

In addition, RockyBelt has add-ons like GPS Tracking module and Laser Beam Signal. GPS tracker will help you find your lost companion and could be a precious survival tool outdoor. Likewise, Laser Beam Signal allows you to use visible laser signal to help people find you if you stray away.

RockyBelt Waterproof Pouch
RockyBelt Waterproof Pouch

RockyBelt has a waterproof multi-purpose pouch module to keep your important belongings.

With RockyBelt you will stand out smarter. Yes, because it has AC 110/220V Outlet module to connect any device such as DSLR Cameras, Drones or other gadgets. When from those three retractable charging cables are not compatible, you can choose this alternative power source.

It devised with an Insect Repellent button to produce the high-frequency ultrasonic to get rid of insects bothering you.

You will now believe why they called it a perfect tool to carry outdoor. Those who work outdoors, such as farmers, gardeners, landscape planners, roofing professionals, and even rescue workers, it is an excellent tool.

Particularly, a rescue worker is adroit with its hands-free supporting toolkit for outdoor rescue operations.

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