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PiCable: 3-in-1 versatile cable with a mini box

Every electronics device we use has a different charging port. If you are traveling with your Samsung smartphone, an iPad and a portable charger, you are going to need to carry three different charging cables for the devices all have different charging ports. You might forget to pack all of them, and they take extra packing space, got easily tangled or lost.

PiCable can be the best solution for all those problems. It is a 3-in-1 versatile USB charging cable with USB-C, Micro-USB and lightning connectors that can charge three devices simultaneously. The cables are neatly stored in a sleek metal case that can be conveniently carried around on the go.

PiCable: Key Features
PiCable: Key Features

3-in-1 versatile USB charging cable!

The best thing about it is an extremely compact and portable all-in-one charging solution. It comes with multiple plugs including a micro-USB, a USB-C and a lightning for extra connectivity. If you have multiple devices with different charging ports, such as a phone, tablet, earphones, smartwatch, portable charger, PiCable gets all your charging needs covered.

3-in-1 USB charging cable
3-in-1 USB charging cable

PiCable’s patented design cleverly store all charging cables and connectors inside a metal case. When you are going to use it to charge your devices, simply pull the standard USB cable out, slide out the cable hub and remove the charging cable from the slot. When finished using, restore the cable, push back the hub and you are all set. Each cable has its own slot so they are tangle-free and organized.

Super portable smart storage case!

The ergonomically designed storage case is made of lightweight and scratch-resistant grade aluminum alloy. This lipstick-sized case is compact enough so you can easily slip it into your pocket or bag. It is a perfect replacement of those tangled charging cables to use at home, at work, on a journey or business trip.

Extremely compact and super portable
Extremely compact and super portable

Waiting for a battery to charge up, especially when there is a couple of devices and the only one socket could be really annoying. PiCable is efficient, easy to use and keeps your USB slots free for other uses. Charge three devices simultaneously when needed.

Unlike those cheap cables which charge your devices at a slow rate and damage them due to overheating and overcharging, PiCable is a fully guaranteed solution. It is compatible with more than 95% devices in the market and charges your device at an optimal rate that extends your device’s life expectancy.

High-speed charging!

Moreover, PiCable comes equipped with a high-quality wire core for supreme anti-oxidation, it ensures a stable and safe charging environment in everyday use. It delivers high-speed charging even when three devices are connected and charging at the same time. In fact, it charges your devices 2 times faster than the other similar charging cables.

Anti-oxidation pure copper core ensures two times faster charging
Anti-oxidation pure copper core ensures two times faster charging

It is designed to be the toughest for longer use! The joining part of the cable and the connectors are reinforced so they can withstand repeated bending and tearing in daily use. Also, its soft and durable nature makes it a cable that you can tie knots into, slam in car doors, or walk all over, and it’ll still work.


  • Output DC 5V/2.1A
  • Input DC 5V/2.1A
  • Dimensions: 3.65’*0.85’*1′

Additionally, PiCable’s three connectors can be used to charge almost all your devices, such as a smartphone, tablet, power bank, kindle, dock, smartwatch, speaker, headphones and other accessories.