Nireeka Prime, an impressive 1000 kW electric bike with 80 km of autonomy

For some years now, electric bicycles have become one of the most demanded transport elements in the urban environment. The price of these products has been reduced at the same time that the offer has multiplied. This time we have another very ambitious bike from Nireeka.

Two years ago, the company Nireeka launched a campaign in Indiegogo that presented its first electric bicycle. It was quite successful, and now they present their second design, the Nireeka Prime, that can travel up to 80 km in a single charge and accelerate to 60 km/h.

Nireeka Prime gains even thicker tires than in the first model.
Nireeka Prime gains even thicker tires than in the first model.

The design line of this powerful bike, which is presented in different colors, looks very gentle. In this case, it has no suspension, but it gains even thicker tires than in the first model. The carbon frame has been designed by Max Shojaie and has managed to maintain a light weight (26 kg) with an aspect that mixes the style of both an electric bike and an electric motorcycle.

Designed for different terrains, the Nireeka Prime packs Bafang’s monster M620 Ultra mid-drive motor that provides the output power of 1000 watts and a torque of 160 Nm. It works with both cadence and torque detection, which allows cruising or electric assistance exercises, depending on the mode selected. It is very quiet and very powerful, climbing hills and neutralizing winds as if nothing.

Designed for different terrains
Designed for different terrains.

It has a set of Shimano 10-speed changes and can operate at a maximum speed of 38 mph (60 km/h), although they will have to limit that speed to be sold in Europe as a bicycle. The Nireeka Prime comes with a 48V 10Ah battery, carrying a 480-Wh capacity that provides up to 31 miles (51 km) of range while upgrading to a larger (816 Wh) battery pack allows for 50 miles (80 km) of range.

In terms of ergonomics, it has a slim seat, automatic brake light, adjustable handlebar, 17-inch frame for cyclists between 160 cm and 185 cm, and supports up to 125 kg of weight.

As for the price point, Nireeka Prime, which is not much cheaper than similar electric bikes, has a price tag of $1,999. It should be noted that the bike, which also offers many different customization options, cannot be purchased from its Indiegogo campaign. The purchase is made directly on the company’s website.


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