Monday, July 22, 2024

Mahle claims to create ‘perfect motor’ combining two innovative concepts

The German automotive supplier Mahle claims it has created the “perfect motor” that combines the advantages of the SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) and MCT (Magnet-free Contactless Transmitter) electric drives.

The new electric drive system can run at permanently high peak power without overheating, transmit contactless and thus wear-free power, use no rare earth magnets, and has maximum efficiency. It is the combination of two impressive concepts by Mahle – SCT and MCT electric motors.

The MCT electric motor, released in 2021, replaced the typical permanent rare earth magnets in the rotor with a series of wound-coil electromagnets. They induce a magnetic field into the air gap and cause the motor to generate torque.

Its inductive and contactless power transmission allows the MCT motor to operate wear-free and particularly efficiently at high speeds. The efficiency is more than 95% at almost all operating points – a level that, Mahle says, previously has only been achieved by Formula E racing cars.

Dispensing with rare earths in MCT technology makes production more environmentally friendly and also brings advantages in terms of costs and raw material security.

Revealed in 2022, the SCT motor can operate at high power for an unlimited period of time thanks to a new cooling concept. The innovative integrated oil cooling makes the e-motor robust and also allows the waste heat generated to be used in the vehicle’s overall system.

The compact design reduces material costs and weight: a lighter engine requires less material in production and, at the same time, increases the possible payload in commercial vehicles. Another strength of the SCT electric motor is its high continuous output; despite its very compact and lightweight design, it can run all day at 93-100% of its peak power.

The new “perfect motor” uses the SCT’s cooling concept in the MCT’s magnet-free, induction-powered design. It retains the advantages of both these systems, offering permanently high peak power, contactless power transmission, maximum efficiency, and no need for rare earths.

Mahle showcased the new technology kit and other technical innovations for sustainable mobility at the IAA Mobility in Munich.