Tuesday, May 14, 2024

LG’s indoor gardening appliance help grow vegetables and herbs at home

From January 7 to 10, the CES 2020 technology fair in Las Vegas (United States) will bring together the latest technologies around the world. This year, among the thousands of gadgets, LG will present its innovative proposal to eat healthier: an indoor gardening appliance, its first step towards the increasingly popular indoor gardening movement.

LG‘s revolutionary built-in indoor garden can be installed seamlessly in any home environment. It uses advanced lighting, temperature and water controls, convenient seed packs, and a growth monitoring app to help consumers grow nutrient-rich and flavorful greens inside their own home.

Designed for the people who want to know exactly what is in their food and where it comes from, it is excellent, especially for city dwellers or, in general, for anyone interested in following a healthier lifestyle. This innovative appliance is capable of growing aromatic plants and fresh vegetables throughout the year.

The all-in-one seed packages containing seeds, peat moss and fertilizer, is designed for immediate planting.
The all-in-one seed packages containing seeds, peat moss and fertilizer, is designed for immediate planting.

Thanks to the use of flexible modules, the LG indoor gardening appliance replicates the optimal external conditions by accurately matching the temperature inside the isolated cultivation compartment with the actual time of the day. LED lights, forced air circulation, and irrigation system allows the seeds to quickly transform into food suitable for consumption.

This advanced gardening system is capable of holding up to 24 all-in-one seed packages that, according to LG, is enough for a family of four to enjoy the healthful benefits.

The smartphone app helps users manage and monitor their plants, offering useful information at every stage of the journey to ensure an excellent harvest every time. All-in-one seed packs containing seeds, peat, and fertilizers are designed for immediate sowing. The initial packs will include 20 different varieties, including romaine and other types of lettuce, arugula, chicory, and basil.

A key element of the appliance for automated cultivation is LG’s non-circulating water supply technology, which evenly distributes the exact amount of water required by plants. This basic technology prevents algae growth and inhibits unpleasant odors for a clean and hygienic environment where aromatic herbs and leafy vegetables can grow safely and naturally.