Monday, May 20, 2024

OGarden Smart: The perfect indoor gardening system

Most people choose indoor gardening, as they love eating fresh fruits and veggies. However, there are several factors that make gardening stressful and hectic. Indoor gardening requires high maintenance, consumes time and space, gives seasonal growth, needs lots of pests and more.

They are difficult to set up and leave the gardener frustrated.

To overcome all the problems related to the traditional indoor gardening, OGarden company from Quebec, Canada invented a new revolutionary way that will make you amazed.

OGarden smart- The indoor gardening system that allows you to effortlessly grow the fresh produce you love from the comfort of your home.

In one-time, OGarden Smart can grow up to 90 fruits and veggies, so you can enjoy a great amount of super fresh food.

OGarden: automatic watering system
OGarden: automatic watering system

Its automatic watering system will alert you when the water level becomes too low makes it effortless and the automatic low energy consumption LEDs imitate the perfect amount of sunlight, offering optimal year-round growth.

You can grow fresh fruits and veggies anytime you need them. Be ready for simple, beautiful, and sustainable indoor gardening at its finest.

It’s very easy to use- simply put the seed cups in the nursery cupboard and press start. Three weeks later transfer the plant to the wheel. After 30 to 40 days, your produce will be ready to harvest.

OGarden Smart: The perfect indoor gardening system
OGarden Smart: The perfect indoor gardening system

There are 90 available spots, so with a good rotation, you can have 2-4 large vegetables a day, every day.

You can create 30 plant rotation and have continuous harvest all-year round. By choice, you can have a bouquet of various garnishes to serve any meal, any time.

It can be a healthier way to save your money- with OGarden you can get fully grown, pesticide-free veggies. As you will be able to harvest food when you need it, you can avoid food wastage.

Also, as you are producing your vegetables, fruits, and herbs directly at home, you will have the knowledge of the quality of the air, the water and environment they grow in. besides, you can feel relaxed that your fresh produce is grown in a 100% organic environment.

OGardens’ seed pod is made with organic soil and feeds your plants with organic fertilizer, so you only get the best for your plants and for your body.

And it is quite obvious that you will harvest your veggies when you will be going to cook it, so they will test better.

It enables us to eat healthy, fresh, and delicious foods that will make an incredible difference in our lives. Growing our own food keep us aware of what we are eating and connects us closer with our planet and with each other.

OGarden Smart: The perfect indoor gardening system
OGarden Smart: The perfect indoor gardening system

And most importantly you can put it anywhere at your home. Its beautiful and sustainable design suits to your home décor.