Wednesday, April 24, 2024

LG Electronics showcased its first cooking robot called “LG CLOi Chefbot”

LG Electronics has launched a robot on Sunday that can cook and serve noodles in family restaurants in South Korea. The robot chef, called the CLOi Chefbot, is installed in the noodles corner in the open kitchen at a Seoul branch of VIPS restaurant in cooperation with the family restaurant chain operator CJ Foodville.

Customers can give bowls, with the ingredients they choose, to the robot. Chefbot will then boil those ingredients such as vegetables, cook the noodles and gravy and then put them in a bowl to be taken back by the customer. CLOi Chefbot can cook various kinds of noodles in a minute, without the help of a “human employee”, according to LG.

It can complete basic tasks such as making noodles in less than a minute.
It can complete basic tasks such as making noodles in less than a minute.

The electronics giant said they had developed software, based on the mapped movements of actual chefs, that would allow robots to move like a professional using the motion control technology. They also teach the noodle-making robot to safely use various types of dishes and utensils without dropping them.

With the introduction of CLOi Chefbot, the robots take on difficult, dangerous, or simple and repetitive tasks. And this will allow the restaurant workers to concentrate and provide more valuable experience and services to their customers.

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LG Electronics has collaborated with CJ Foodville to develop serving and chef robots for restaurants since April. The two companies plan to gradually increase the number of robots to be used in the restaurant business, starting with the introduction of Chefbot.

The Korean company continues to develop robots and robot-related solutions in a wide range of fields, from commercial to home use, with robots as a pillar of future businesses. In addition to developing its own technologies, the company is also strengthening cooperation with outside companies such as robot companies, startups, universities, and research institutes.