Friday, April 19, 2024

Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 line of electric bikes are on sale

Famous in the motorcycle market, Harley-Davidson is also more or less in the electric bicycle segment. Last month, Harley-Davidson announced the Serial 1 sub-brand under which electric bikes will be produced. An independent subsidiary of the automaker this week announced the arrival of the Serial 1 line, ideal for various types of users in urban environments.

Serial 1’s debut line-up spans four pedal-assist eBicycles that fall into the City (/CTY) category, targeting urban commuters and casual recreational cyclists: RUSH/CTY (the base model), RUSH/CTY Speed (reaching 45 km/h, instead of 32 km/h for the others), RUSH/CTY Step-Thru (with small changes in design) and MOSH/CTY (the simplest, with cadenced speed). Prices range from $3,399 to $4,999, which is more than some electric scooters and even motorcycles.

Serial 1 MOSH/CTY eBicycle.
Serial 1 MOSH/CTY eBicycle. Credit: Serial 1

All bicycles are equipped with a 250-watt electric motor from the German brand Brose that develops 90 Nm of torque with electric assistance up to 20 mph (MOSH/CTY, RUSH/CTY, and RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU) or 28 mph (RUSH/CTY SPEED)

The difference is made on the battery capacity and the announced autonomy: between 56 and 185 (35-115 Miles) km for the RUSH/CTY with a 706 Wh battery; between 40 and 185 km (25-115 Mile) for the RUSH/CTY Speed with the same battery; between 48 and 144 km (30-90 Mile) for the RUSH/CTY Step-Thru with a 529 Wh battery; between 56 and 169 km (35-105 Mile) for the MOSH/CTY with the same 529 Wh battery. A full charge takes between 4.7-6.5 hours, depending on whether it is the 529 or 706 Wh battery.

Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED eBicycle.
Serial 1 RUSH/CTY SPEED eBicycle. Credit: Serial 1

In terms of characteristics, the four models use an Enviolo Automatiq transmission and four assistance modes, disc brakes, integrated LED front/ rear lighting, a drive belt rather than a chain. The three RUSH/CTY models have mudguards and luggage racks at the front and rear. The MOSH/CTY plays on a style – more minimalist and trendy.

The production models look noticeably different from the concept. The production version lacks a chic, polished metal handlebar, white lace-up tires, and a leather seat, although it is possible that all of this could be ordered from a catalog of options, similar to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Bicycles can already be ordered in the US and Germany, and buyers will receive e-bikes in the summer of 2021.

The MOSH/CTY is sold for $3,399 and will be available from next spring. The RUSH/CTY Step-Thru costs $4,399 and will arrive at the same time. The same price is for the RUSH/CTY at $4,499. The RUSH/CTY Speed at $4,999 will be available next summer and only in the United States.