Harley-Davidson to add Android Auto support to their motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers. Most recently, they have announced that they will be integrating Android Auto support on the upcoming 2021-model Harley-Davidson Touring, CVO, and Trike motorcycles. Google and Harley-Davidson have worked together on a new version of Android Auto; the platform will be available for all touring models.

With the integration of Android Auto, Harley-Davidson motorcyclists will be able to connect their smartphones and enjoy a range of smart features, including access to media files, using a map, and navigation support. With Google Assistant, riders can perform actions by voice.

The American motorcycle manufacturer will include the “Boom! Box GTS Infotainment System” for this purpose, which comes with a 6.5-inch screen. The upcoming Hartley-Davidson motorcycles are expected to be equipped with it, and existing users are expected to receive software updates, or they can get it as an accessory to add to their motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson has supported Apple CarPlay since about mid-2018. Now, with the announcement of Android Auto support, Harley-Davidson is also making Google’s platform available to owners of 2014 or later motorcycles through an update.


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