Electric Scooter

Xiaomi presents 70mai A1 and A1 Pro, new low-cost electric scooters

The electric mopeds are only enough for one person, but the shape is quite cute.

HiMo H1 foldable electric scooter fits in the backpack

Durable, compact, and powerful - designed for convenient travel!

LOM X-Scooter, an ultimate solution to your daily mobility needs

The e-scooter folds up in seconds, simply by pressing a button and can be carried in the car trunk.

E-scooter Giant Bird announces the acquisition of its scooter rival Circ

Bird Increases Series D Funding Round from $275 Million to $350 Million.

Harley-Davidson revealed its electric scooter concept in pictures

The company now has filed some additional patents on the model.

NASA developed a lunar electric scooter for astronaut’s better mobility

NASA used the Lunar Rover instead, but a lunar dirt bike would’ve been pretty cool.

NIU presents a three-wheeled, self-balancing electric scooter

It includes Level 2 autonomous driving features, such a self-parking, collision detection.

Mantour X: The lightest, most portable self-balancing electric scooter

The Mantour X self-balancing e-scooter weighs 16 lbs, ensuring high portability.

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