Harley-Davidson revealed its electric scooter concept in pictures

Despite more than windy beginning in the electric field with a LiveWire, which is still struggling to find its audience and to convince, Harley-Davidson will persist in zero emissions, this time, with a small electric scooter. Unveiled as a concept almost a year ago, the first electric scooter by Harley is revealed in the form of patents filed by the brand and the images of its final version, according to Motorcycle.com.

Fairly close to the concept presented, the scooter is reminiscent of some small electric mopeds that will land on the market in 2020. Compared to what is already known, this Harley Davidson electric scooter, according to the drawings, has a more refined frame, with the electric motor/transmission group that is no longer a structural part of the frame itself. Front and rear disc brakes, inverted fork, engine block and battery in the lower part of the frame and simplistic frame, the scooter is sleek, minimalist.

The sketches from the brand’s patents show the electric scooter, still unnamed, from all the angles. In particular, a front view of the machine confirms the parentage with Hartley with its high handlebars and its round headlight, typical of the American brand.

  • Harley-Davidson Electric Scooter Battery.
  • Harley-Davidson Electric Scooter Battery.
  • Harley-Davidson revealed its electric scooter concept

For the rest, and particularly all that relates to the autonomy, the technical characteristics, the price, and the availability of its first electric scooter, Harley-Davidson has not yet lifted the veil nor communicated more information.


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