Is the Education by Mind or by Heart?


Before expressing my own views on this controversial topic, you can also contribute in this. You first mark out the answer in your mind and then start reading.

Now first, education, “It is a series of steps to receive or adopt and convey the structured or unstructured instructions, knowledge or learning.”

And then there are various methods to give and receive this education which includes teaching, storytelling, discussion, training, research, observations, experiences.

And this formal education is provided to everyone in particular format or stages as per the age. These stages are decided by our scion, psychologists, neuroscientists, our society, our government, pedagogue considering various parameters-

Preschool: It is to evince child’s physical, mental, emotional, moral, etc nature with balanced emphasis. And most important this stage is compulsory for children of that particular age group as per the government instructions for this stage.

Primary: This stage of education is also compulsory.

Secondary: Purpose of this stage is to prepare the child for tertiary or higher education or in some countries for the profession. This stage is compulsory in some countries and this education is compendious as profession oriented.

Tertiary(higher): Completely non-compulsory education stage. After this stage education is not compulsory. Society, system, parents had been taking your decisions till the date you passed out from at least secondary school because you were not able to take your decisions or you did not get the field you can excel or interested in. But what next, what makes you feel good and you can excel in? Now, who will decide this? Though we have right to education up to a certain age, who stimulate you to take further education after compulsory phase.

Let’s move to the next example, one day you woke up with the completely sick body. Your family is waiting for the breakfast. No one is there to cook food. You are the only cook in the family. You are not able to cook. But you are also thinking if you do not cook, your family would be unfed. What will you do and who will instruct you to do that?

Next, if you decide to cook who will teach you to cook and who will have data of recipes? This example is to prove heart do exist in the process of taking decisions. And it will not be enough if we keep in mind that education is only chapters in the book but also chapters in life. And yes, the heart usually interfere or may be a commander. It is still contradictory.

Before moving to a heart and mind. What do you think mind and brain are different or the same?

This is still a big question for researchers. Because the brain is something which is visible and touchable because it is a physical organ. Whereas mind is invisible but the hub of all kinds of thoughts, imaginations, attitude, feelings like fear, anger disgust, joy, sadness, surprise, and what not.

This intelligent mind can run every cell of our body including brain cells. Though it is true that without a brain, the mind cannot exist but still mind have its own existence.

Now come to the heart, somebody even said, a baby is developing in the womb, the first brain that is developed is located in the heart.

The mind thinks the heart feels and body performs. We usually or nowadays disconnected from our sentiments or heart core feelings. We do, what comes to mind. When we feel bad we lock ourselves in the room of our thoughts and when we feel good our mind get aligned with our heart and we unlock ourselves out of that closed room. We enjoy, celebrate, roam around, ride bike whatever we enjoy we do. And this alignment helps us to develop ourselves, our creativity.

We enjoy, celebrate, roam around, ride bike whatever we enjoy we do. And this alignment helps us to develop ourselves, our creativity.

And here better if we do not try to define feelings, because either we will stick with no words or with no feelings.

Now, our mind is so practical and our heart is so impractical or emotional. Our mind is something which stores observations, past experiences, and future predictions and our heart decide how to react.

When you start listening to your heart you may stop judging people or evaluate them on the basis of observation and past experiences with them, because your heart has no memory. You may start living in present happenings. It does not mean your anger or frustration will not overpower you but you may have that capability to move on and not get stick to the emotion.

Education is for developing human being emotionally, morally, intellectually, socially. If you educate your mind only then you are no less than bots. Bots which follows instructions with no feelings. This is the only lacuna that bots have that they do not have feelings or can say a source of feelings that is the heart.

That is why Aristotle said,

    “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Dalai Lama said, “Educate the heart because to navigate the world outside with compassion, acceptance, and tolerance, we need to teach them compassion, acceptance, and tolerance.”

By keeping all this in mind, we need to-

“Educate the heart to educate the mind.”