Friday, April 19, 2024

DIVEROID turns your mobile phone into a multifunctional dive computer

As an enthusiastic diver, many devices you must take with you can quickly overwhelm you. To document the dive at least halfway professionally, divers need a dive computer, compass, and a camera to take pictures. These devices can sometimes be very heavy and unwieldy, and also, all of them have to be bought individually.

A project on Kickstarter by DIVEROID is now trying to bring all of these devices together at a comparatively low price. It is, in fact, a special underwater case equipped with a small dive computer and an app that transforms the mobile phone into an underwater photo/video camera. All you have to do is put your own mobile phone in the DIVEROID case, and you have all the tools you need for a safe and well-documented dive.

The dive computer measures the depth and duration of the dive indicate the temperature and the time needed to ascend. It is basically the safety device to provide divers with vital information.

The case is suitable for dives up to 60 meters.
The case is suitable for dives up to 60 meters.

Your smartphone, which is protected from the water in the case, takes care of the photos during the dive. The case is compatible with most smartphone models on the market today and has three physical buttons to control the phone.

The DIVEROID app, which takes control of the phone’s camera, offers wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, zoom, and selfie modes and, of course, the ability to record videos. A red filter can be applied in real-time to compensate for the loss of the red wavelength that occurs physiologically at certain depths with sunlight gradually filtered by the water.

The real-time color correction function.

The case is suitable for dives up to 60 meters. Also, by keeping track of the route, it is obviously able to note at what depth a particular photograph was taken. The images can then be enriched with a graphic, and the entire dive can be shared in the form of logbooks via the same app. Besides, when it is necessary to call the boat for the return, the app can send a text message, including the exact geographical position.

The cover is made of robust materials such as polycarbonate with glass fiber. DIVEROID has five ‘Heat sink’ drains that release the heat, preventing fogging inside the housing.

The project is currently running on Kickstarter and has already significantly exceeded the funding target, which speaks to high demand. The DIVEROID kit is available for $249 during the funding campaign, and the first deliveries are scheduled for February 2020.