Japan launches new, lithium-ion battery-powered ‘Toryu’ submarine

It is the second Soryu-class diesel-electric attack submarine (SSK) for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Maersk’s giant marine battery to improve vessel performance

The battery will improve vessel performance and reliability while reducing CO2 emissions.

Taiga’s new electric Jet Ski reaches the top speed of 65mph

Electric jet ski with a final speed of 104km/h and 2 hours of autonomy.

MIT’s fleet of roboats can now shapeshift to form different floating structures

For the past several years, MIT researchers have been working in collaboration with Amsterdam officials to develop the world's first fleet of autonomous floating...

Greenline Yachts announced a new extremely luxurious Greenline 45 Fly

Greenline Yachts, the Slovenian builder of over 750 Yachts in accordance with our environmental responsibility, has made another addition to its family of hybrid...

Sea Machines demonstrated autonomous vessel for oil-spill response

Oil spills have many effects on the environment; it can potentially damage waterways, marine life and plants and animals on the land. We need...

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