Friday, February 23, 2024

Bolt Jr.: A compact, lighter weight high-speed camera robot

We always watched in the movies a gun being fired and the bullet travels to the target at a slow speed. Then, a bottle being smashed on the head of the villain, blood splatters all over- all these actions happen slowly.

Well, all these and more high-speed action sequences are filmed at super-high speeds using new technology robots and 4K HD digital movie cameras. Then they are played back at very slow speeds for a dramatic effect and impact on the viewer.

A UK based company Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) designs and manufactures motion control equipment for both the TV and Film industry. The company designed a smaller compact version of famous Bolt CineBot. The original Bolt is claimed to be ‘most advanced high-speed camera robot in the world’. And its junior version named Bolt Junior is designed to continue that legacy with the small size.

Bolt Jr. is a compact, lighter weight high-speed camera robot that’s an agile, smaller option than the full-scale MRMC Bolt. Bolt Jr. is an ideal solution where space, weight, mobility, and budget are key.

It weighs less than half of the original one, is more capable of working in confined spaces, and costs less as well.

Bolt Jr.: Key Features
Bolt Jr.: Key Features

But make no mistake- Bolt JR may be short on size and stature but packs a mighty punch enabling impressive camera robotic capability. Bolt Jr. is a compact camera robot capable of impressive and sophisticated high-speed, automated image capture in a wide range of applications- including commercials, tabletop, broadcast, film, and photographic applications.

Bolt Jr. is an ideal choice for image capture in tight studios and on-set locations. Offering 6-axis movements, the Bolt JR will have an arm’s reach of 1.2m/3.94ft and will be able to travel at up to 3m/9.8ft per second when running on tracks- all while carrying 12kg of camera equipment.

Bolt Jr.: 180-degree Rotate
Bolt Jr.: 180-degree Rotate

Using the company’s Flair software to control the robot, users will be able to program a series of movements that can be repeated exactly, again and again.

Additionally, the robot arm can control lens settings as well as camera position and can be used to create sophisticated time-lapse sequences or follow camera movements created in animation software Maya.

The also said that the Bolt Jr takes only an hour to set up, and as it weighs only 110kg/242.5lbs, it is easy to transport as well.