Monday, July 15, 2024

Zero Labs’ classic electric platform turns classic cars into electric vehicle

In the effort to achieve its ultimate net-zero emissions target, Classic Car Restoration companies are turning classic cars into electric vehicles, combining vintage styling with modern technology.

Zero Labs also envisions a so-called ‘classic electric revolution,’ inspired by drivers who seek to support a clean energy future. In this effort, the company has introduced the world’s first complete electric platform made specifically for transforming the most beloved classic gasoline and diesel vehicles into clean energy heroes.

The focus is initially on old off-road cars
The focus is initially on old off-road cars. Credit: Zero Labs

The focus is initially on old off-road cars, but you should also be able to do this with muscle cars, pickups, and sports cars. Using this platform, the design team has already fabricated classic electric vehicles, including the world’s first fully-electric Ford Bronco and Land Rover Defender.

Compared to modern cars, the original classic cars are noisy, slow, difficult to maintain, and less safe, but Zero Labs’ new electric platform improves safety and performance by modern standards. As standard, the electric platform comes with rebuilt frames, independent front and rear suspensions, an 85 kWh or 100 kWh battery, and a single rear-mounted electric motor producing 300 hp.

The platform has a battery pack of either 85 or 100 kWh.
The platform has a battery pack of either 85 or 100 kWh. Credit: Zero Labs

The base battery provides over 200 miles (321 km) of range, while the 100 kWh battery extends it to over 235 miles (378 km) between charges. In addition, this special EV platform is also equipped with independent suspension, regenerative braking system, rear electric motor with 296 hp and 330 Nm of torque. Zero Labs is also preparing a dual-motor option that provides all-wheel-drive capability with 592 hp power. In addition, there are also options such as air-suspension and Brembo brakes.

The battery and software can be fully upgraded, which increases performance as technology improves. More than just a modernized powertrain and platform, the Zero Labs Skateboard EV also offers a subtle makeover in the cabin. So, behind the classic car body attached to the platform, there is a fully automatic control while retaining a classic look and feel of a shifter mechanism and shift knob. Besides, the chassis is equipped with 18-inch Steel Wheels painted with a durable powder coat finish.

Production of the Classic Electric Platform is slated to begin next year, but we still know nothing about perhaps the most important part – the price tag.