Monday, July 22, 2024

Yamaha begins testing HARMO, its revolutionary electric drive for e-boats

According to Yamaha Motor, electric boats could soon become even quieter, and more maneuverable, all thanks to its new integrated electric propulsion unit and steering control system HARMO.

HARMO is an innovative electric propulsion system mainly intended for smart package motorboats. It consists of a propulsion unit powered by an electric motor, a remote-control box, and a joystick that enables more intuitive operation. Motor drive adopts a rim drive method, realizing highly efficient electric propulsion. In particular, as strong thrust (propulsion force) can be generated at low speeds, HARMO provides a further intuitive operation feeling, with significantly lower vibration and noise, allowing more comfortable riding.

Yamaha Motor’s Next-Generation Platform Harmo structure
Yamaha Motor’s Next-Generation Platform HARMO structure. Credit: Yamaha Motor

Presented as electric propulsion of a whole new kind, the Yamaha HARMO replaces the traditional propeller by blades directly installed on the outer rotor. The HARMO engine would be equipped with a power of around 10 horsepower and could be available in a single or twin-engine version. It is made up of pods that rotate 90-degrees on its own axis. The drive system is controlled by a joystick located in the cockpit and, like established competitors in the market, allows the boat to move laterally (the propellers rotate in both directions).

The steering mechanism, with its wide steering angle, allows it to rotate in place, providing a greater sense of pleasure and union with the boat. Additionally, when using two units, you can move the boat horizontally by simply tilting the joystick sideways to support difficult berthing and docking.

HARMO attracted a lot of attention when it first appeared at the METSTRADE Show 2016 in Amsterdam. The system also made an appearance at this year’s Dusseldorf starter in January. And now, the company begins the evolution trials on the next-generation control system at Hokkaido based Otaru Canal Cruise from August 7.