Wednesday, April 10, 2024

XAG’s agricultural robot R80 conducts disinfectant spraying

While human caregivers are on the front lines of the COVID-19 epidemic, they can sometimes count on the help of robotic companions who have the distinction of being immune to the virus but also the ability to perform a multitude of tasks and move independently or by being guided remotely. Several companies are using their current innovations, processes, and technologies to quickly put at the service of society in this health crisis.

The company XAG, manufacturer of drones and robots, specialized in spraying for the agricultural sector, has known how to adapt to the crisis by putting its machines at the service of street disinfection. It is estimated that XAG supported the Chinese government with more than 2,600 drones to disinfect areas infected by the coronavirus. And now, it is reported that an unmanned spray system can be introduced in the Russian as an aid in combating the spread of coronavirus, if necessary.

Another tool developed by XAG is an autonomous vehicle named R80. This small vehicle helps to access areas with a high risk of contagion without endangering human beings since its use replaces the manual sprayers.

Though originally designed as a farm robot, R80 can also be applied in various scenarios, such as disinfection. XAG has modified it to provide it with a tank with 80-liter disinfection liquid and a 360-degree high-speed intelligent JetSprayer. The XAG R80 is designed for remote management and monitoring; its technology gives it the ability to maneuver in tight spaces, avoid obstacles independently, adapt the disinfectant irrigation at different angles, and according to needs.

All these features have given the XAG R80 a great relevance in the fight against the coronavirus since it is used in emergency cases for the rapid and accurate disinfection of infected areas.

In simple words, XAG technology has been used to stem the outbreak of the virus that has spread throughout much of the world. The drones and XAG R80 robots are examples of autonomous vehicles that help disinfect contaminated areas without exposing humans.

In Russia, the developer of unmanned vehicles StarLine is ready to take on the matter, although participation of Yandex and MADI, any company that has the experience of unmanned vehicles, is not excluded.