Flying Drone

Percepto, Boston Dynamics partner to deliver autonomous industrial inspection

Percepto secures $45 Million investment to deliver truly autonomous inspection of industrial sites.

Next-generation drones could learn from bumblebees’ self-aware flight

Inspired by the agile flying ability of bees, scientists to develop drones that can travel through a narrow gap.

Versatile hydrogen-powered VTOL drone flies longer and greener

The TU Delft drone is able to stay airborne in stable flight for over 3.5 hours.

Engineers develop a raptor-inspired drone that can fly for a long time

A feathered wing and tail give the drone unprecedented flight agility.

HYBRIX 2.1 hybrid drone performs a record 10-hour 14-minute flight

The drone was able to beat its previous record of eight hours and 10 minutes.

Cyclogyro, an extraordinary propulsion system for flying electric vehicles

It brings the agility and flexibility of Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) to the aviation industry.

Flybotix’s ASIO indoor inspection drone can fly safely for up to 24 minutes

It is designed to help you perform fast, efficient and safe inspections in your industrial assets.

U.S. military plans to develop an autonomous drone charging station

Hundreds of drones should be able to be charged on the mobile charging systems.

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