Flying Drone

XAG’s agricultural robot R80 conducts disinfectant spraying

The creation of such a device does not take much time and does not require high costs.

UPS and Wingcopter team up to develop versatile new delivery-drone fleet

The drones should cover various fields of application, beyond the health sector.

Urban Aeronautics partners with Ascent to develop UAM services in Asia

The company has turned an unmanned military drone into a six-seat air taxi.

QilingUAV’s JC260 drone drops bombs to extinguish forest fire

When fired two fire extinguishing bombs at the same time, it can extinguish 100 cubic meters of fire.

EHang to test its two-seaters passenger drones in Norway and Spain

Ehang will use the project to collect real-time data on the flight behavior of the model.

World’s first manned drone capable of aerobatic maneuvers was unveiled

The first-ever manned drone capable of aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls and loops.

Aveillant deployed an anti-drone system at Heathrow Airport

At London's Heathrow Airport, a system has been installed that is designed to block drones entering its airspace.

PowerEgg X, all-in-one autonomous personal AI camera that can fly

The PowerEgg X can fly in heavy rain, take off and land on water, and is suitable for harsh environments.

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