Flying Robot

XAG’s agricultural robot R80 conducts disinfectant spraying

The creation of such a device does not take much time and does not require high costs.

A new hexacopter drone to inspect glass facades of skyscrapers

The device with six hexagonal rotors can "avoid obstacles and even jump over grooves on wall surfaces."

Fully autonomous robot inspectors to repair offshore wind farms

A completely autonomous robot inspectors that can control any disasters in wind farms.

New swappable flying batteries can keep drones in the air for a very long time

Each of these "flying batteries" increases the flight time of a large drone by about 5 minutes.

Super sensitive, cheap ‘whiskers’ can aid sensing in small drones

All mammals (apart from humans and some primates) of all sizes and shapes possess whiskers of some sort. Animals can use their whiskers to...

Flybotix’s new duel-propeller drone flies twice as long as conventional models

EPFL startup Flybotix has come up with an inventive propulsion system modeled after those used by helicopters. It cleverly combines the mechanical multi-rotor simplicity...

Bee+: A tiny four-winged insect-like flying robot

The robot insects can be very helpful for the humans in search, rescue and other hazardous operations. These tiny robotic insects could also be...

MetaFly: An insect-inspired flying Robot

Throughout history, man has dreamed of flying. Today, MetaFly offers the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sensory adventure: flying like a bird. Forget about...

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